Best Budget Keyboards for Piano Beginner !


If you are spending a lot of time in lock down hoping to take up a new hobby, look no further! The keyboard is one of the easiest instruments for a new user to learn. But fancy pianos can be expensive, and if you are piano beginner, you might not know what to look for. So, here you go: a list of piano beginner keyboards that are affordable but also have all the features required for a piano beginner.

1.) A basic Beginner Piano: Casio SA-77 44 Mini Keys Keyboard

casio piano beginner KeyboardsThis is the perfect keyboard for a piano beginner who is not very serious about learning the piano. It is inexpensive and is also battery-operated. It has 44 mini-size keys and 100 built-in tones, so you will be able to learn the basics easily. It also has lesson functions – which means there are inbuilt lessons for beginners in the keyboard itself. It has speakers : 8cm x 2 and has headphones/output (3.5mm mini stereo jack) jack. It can be used with external power (9.5V DC) or also with 6 AA batteries. It is very light and can be carried around easily.Buy on Amazon – Health As It Ought to Be


2.) For Learners: Casio CT-X870IN 61-Key Portable Keyboard

piano beginner KeyboardsThis piano keyboard is more expensive than the last. It is more appropriate for serious beginners and intermediate players. It has 61-keys and s ideal for musicians performing/practicing Indian Music. It also has a pen drive port for USB cables. It also has a pitch bend wheel feature, that will let you adjust the pitch of the keys that you are playing. It is extremely easy to operate. You can also navigate through the Category Button or jump right into the tone/rhythm by using the Keypad. You can also connect your phone with an Aux Cable and use the keyboard as a playback device. Using this keyboard, you can also record your own songs by using the 6 Track Song Recorder & create music by connecting to host device with a MIDI Cable.Buy on Amazon – Health As It Ought to Be


3.) Another one for piano beginners: Casio CTX700 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard

piano beginner KeyboardsThis CT-X700 is an ideal keyboard for learners who are looking to give Musical Grade Exams. It has Advanced Rhythm Controller with features like Sync Start/Stop, Tap Start which are essential for students appearing for Musical Grade Exams. It has 61 Piano Style Touch Sensitive Keys with a Class Compliant USB Type B MIDI port. Touch sensitive means that they keys will respond to the pressure you use to play the keys. If you press the keys softly, they will produce less noise and if you press them harder, they will be louder. It also has Direct On-board access to features like Touch Toggle, Freeze Function, Chord Book etc. You can also save your settings by using the 32 Registration Memories and recall them on stage with ease.
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4.) For enthusiasts: Yamaha PSR-E263 61-Key Portable Keyboard

piano beginner Keyboards


This is also in the same range as the previous two keyboards. The only difference is that it made by the Yamaha music corporation. It is also for more serious players, but can also be useful for piano beginners. It has 61 full-sized keys are great for learning and developing keyboard playing technique. The PSR-E263 Yamaha portable keyboard features a wide variety of sounds and functions for beginners, thanks to its one Generating Technology and AWM Stereo Sampling. The Yamaha education suite can be used with the more than 100 preset songs, making it the ideal first keyboard for aspiring musicians. The aux line input allows you to connect any music device with a headphone output, such as an MP3 player, a computer, a mixer or even another instrument and hear it through the internal speakers.Buy on Amazon – Health As It Ought to Be

5.) For the dedicated piano beginner: Yamaha keyboard PSR-E363

yamaha piano beginner Keyboards


The PSR-E363 is an ideal portable keyboard for beginners and hobbyists. It has touch sensitive keys, on-board lessons, computer and mobile device connectivity and much more. It also has the Yamaha education suite (Y.E.S.) Allows you to practice using the preset songs (or MIDI files on compatible instruments) at your own pace, one hand at a time or both together. It comes with USB to host connectivity with MIDI and audio transfer means you only need one cable to connect to your music-making software. And in case of any damage or need for repair,  Yamaha product is warranted against faulty design, workmanship or materials for a period of 36 months for portable keyboards (PSR- S, E, F and I series)from the date of Purchase.Buy on Amazon – Health As It Ought to Be