Best Summer Activities for Kids during Summer Vacation!

summer activities for kids

Summer is here, but unfortunately, so are lock downs due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic. The swimming pools are all closed and so are all the parks and malls. Which means that children are probably stuck at home, bore out of their minds, unable to meet their friends. . So, if you are a parent struggling to think of summer activities for  kids, here are a few ideas to keep them engaged:

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1.) Scrap booking, or make a journal! 

summer activities for kids

You could buy your kids a scrapbook and let them fill it every day by coloring, drawing or painting. You can also use it to stick pictures of your most cherished memories. This will get your child’s creative juices flowing in the summer. It will also let you have memories to come back to when they are older. They can fill the book with stickers and wrappers and even press leaves and flowers in between the pages. This is one of the fun summer activities for kids of all ages.

2.) Gardening!

summer activities for kids

Now, this will take some investment, but it will teach your kids patience and responsibility. You can teach them to garden and water the plants every day, and slowly, they can watch their efforts bloom. And don’t worry if you do not have a backyard at home. You can buy inexpensive pots, or even recycle old paint buckets. You can have lush, green garden in the balcony of your apartment itself! All you need is a few pots, some water and mud, and seeds of exotic flowers, which can be easily found anywhere. You can also jump start your garden by buying plants from a local nursery near you. This is one of the summer activities for kids that can be continued all year-round.

3.) Camping!

summer activities for kids

Just because you have to maintain social distance, does not mean you can’t explore the great outdoors. For outdoor summer activities for kids, take your kids camping at the nearby park, just for the day! You can take some food and make a picnic out of it and also grab a football or badminton rackets and spend the day playing in the park! And if there’s no park nearby, you can always go camping on the terrace of your building or house. You could always use your front yard too! This means you have an excuse to spend more time outdoors in the summer. These tents are durable and long-lasting, but also inexpensive. You can also set it up in your children’s room and let them play in it.

4.) Origami!

origami summer activities for kids


This is a fun and relaxing summer activity for kids stuck at home. And this is not exclusive to kids, parents can also join in. If you want a hobby to share with your kids, take up origami. It is very easy to do, and you can follow tutorials on YouTube. It does not require, glue or any other fancy stationery. Just some good quality origami paper and a pair of scissors. You can create beautiful things by folding paper such as flowers, swans, etc. This is an activity for summer that does not require a lot of effort or skill.

5.) Board Games!

monoplay summer activities for kids

If you want to make spending time with your kids more fun, buy them some board games! It is a much better alternative to violent video games, and the whole family can join in on the fun. This is not just a summer activity – they can also use these board games later with their friends. You can never go wrong with the classics like Business and Monopoly. For younger kids, you can go for simpler options like Connect 4! Another fun summer activity idea is card games like Uno or Rummy! Board games can teach kids important things like strategy and planning. It is also much better than staring at a screen all day.


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