Top 5 best air cooler in India [Updated Jun 2021]

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With summer, approaches the need for a cooler environment that comes either from the air room cooler or an AC. When AC does not fit in your budget and you don’t want to sweat, the air cooler is the best thing that comes as an option at pocket-friendly prices. The difference between the chilliness of the two is non-negotiable but the price is also highly differentiable. Additionally, the running cost of an air cooler is quite low. The best air cooler in India can be easily purchased from e-commerce giant Amazon. 

Listed below are 5 best air coolers in India which will help you pass through the hot and humid climate of the summer with ease. 

1.) Crompton Optimus 65-Litre Desert Cooler

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crompton best air cooler in India

This is a very good product from the brand Crompton Greaves with numerous features that helps secure a place for this air cooler in the list of best air coolers in India 2021. Look at its features

  • Easy-to-remove honeycomb pads
  • An ice chamber for maximum cooling comfort
  •  Auto water level indicator
  • Auto-swing louvers for 4 way air deflection
  • 5 castor wheels comes inbuilt in this model from one of the best indoor air cooler brands 
  •  for easy mobility
  • ABS, thermoplastic material body

2.) Cello Marvel+ 60 Ltrs Desert Air Cooler

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best air cooler in India

Cello is one of the Best Air Coolers Brands in India. This desert cooler from the brand cello is quite powerful but at the same time not power hungry. The most searing summer temperatures would pass away gently with this best air cooler in India. It features are:-

  • 60-litre capacity
  • water inlet for faster cooling from front side
  • Turbo Cooling System
  • In-built castor wheels to facilitate easy movement in and around
  • Effective Honeycomb Cooling Pads 

3.) Usha Striker

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best air cooler in India

Usha is one of the best indoor air cooler brands in India, and its Striker tall desert coolers are amongst the top designs manufactured for your comfort, providing airflow at the seated level. Although air coolers from the brand come in large capacities to render uninterrupted supply of cool air for longer periods, this being one of the best air cooler in india has specific features listed below:-

  • 3 side honeycomb medium
  • Inverter compatible
  • Motorized vertical louvers
  • Capacity: 70 liters
  • Castor Wheels included with device

4.) Havells Koolaire Wood wool

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best air cooler in India

Havells India is one of the leading air cooler manufacturing brands. The brand is well known for manufacturing the best air cooler in India 2021 with price to suit most of the pocket sizes along with the surety of long lasting rust free body. Some of its prominent features are:-

  • 51 LTR capacity
  • Auto Drain process
  • Fully Collapsible louvers to prevent dust & insects from entering inside the cooler
  • Variable Speed 
  • Dust Filter net to segregate dust from air ensuring dust free air gets washed through wet wood wool pads. 

The list of features in cooler continues but we are specifying only the prominent features that distinguish this as the best air cooler in India 2021.

5.) AISEN MAGNA Desert Cooler – 90 Litres

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best air cooler in India

Aisen air coolers are perfect air coolers for instant relief from the scorching heat. These coolers have been crafted for comfort and deliver a strong gush of naturally cooled air amid peak summer. Its features created a niche in top 5 best air coolers in India. These are:-

  • Highest quality components to give robust & outstanding performance 
  • Evaporative air technology used 
  • 3 speed air controller
  • Water level indicator and Ice chamber are in-built feature of this best air cooler in India 
  • Inverter compatible

Wrapping up

These are some of the best air coolers in India. But the list is inclusive of many more products and brands. Begin your search from Amazon and lay hands on the best brand.