Top 6 Best Hair Curler in India | Review Guide 2021


Best hair curler in India

Best happiness Is free natural curly & wavy hair , true struggle is managing and pulling that curly look , from true struggle to blessing you might have heard everything about born with natural curls or getting those curls by heat , curling rods or weird hacks and tricks . Just like life is not always the most happening with a straight normal schedule or days just like that your hairs also can’t always settle on being straight and sometimes with non existing volume .

A little bump and Little curve makes everything adventurous and exciting with definitely a lot of volume , so you should definitely not stop getting those amazing beach waves or those curly hairs , here are the reviews and buying guide just for you of best hair curler in India.

Best hair curler in India 2021

Vega 3 in 1 hair styler

  • 3 in 1 styling
  • switch style
  • 360 swivel cord
  • suitable for all hair types
Havells HC4031

  • Rectangular barrel
  • safety stand
  • fast heat up
  • high performance
  • LED indicator
Philips BHB862 hair curler

  • vivid , bouncy curls
  • ready to use indicator
  • 1.8 m cord
  • gentle on hair
  • cool tip
  • 2 year guarantee
Remington CI95 hair curler

  • Advance + traditional barrel
  • high speed heat up
  • safety enhanced
  • guarantee
  • auto switch off



Ikonic CT25mm curling tong

  • Integrated safety stand
  • auto shutoff function
    3 meter cord
  • tourmaline ceramic barrel with cool tip
  • professional swivel rotation
best hair dryer for natural hair

Vega ease curl

  • Cool tip
  • power indicator light
  • safety stand
  • chrome plates with ceramic coating
  • max temp. 200 c
  • 2 year manufacturing  warranty

1. VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler – Straightener, Curler and Crimper

Who doesn’t like variety of things clubbed together, here is vega  3 in 1 hair styler – straightener , curler & Crimper altogether, well this brand speaks for itself any vega product can be trusted because of its reputation but not only that but this curler is a quality product , not only it provides 2 more options along with it but also has some value features too  such as

Vega best hair dryer in india
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Features – 

  • 3 in 1 hair styler ~ ceramic coated plates gives you silky smooth hair . Crimper plates creates beautiful textures . Curlers helps to create free flowing curls by just wrapping your hair around the barrel and tightly holding it with clamp .
  • styling switch ~ switch to different hair styles by just pressing the styling switch , you can also lock the styler with this switch .
  • 360 swivel cord ~ it rotates conveniently and prevents unnecessary tangles .
  • power consumption ~ 220-240v , 45w , 50 Hz
  • suitable for all hair types – so style your hair without any worry now .

2. Havells HC4031

Are you ready to be a magician with a magic wand made just for your precious beautiful hair , with Havells hair curler you can curl your hair in a way that it will make people turn and stare and guess what it will be worth a while , get those perfect retro curls with Havells chopstick curler engineered with a cool insulated top and a ceramic coated thin barrel . It also provides storage with a hanging loop  with it and for your safety : cool tip , display : LED indicator .

Havels best hair dryer in india
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Features –

7x10mm Rectangular Barrel

  • Extra skinny barrel for tight and corkscrew curls. Ensures quick curls with safety. Cool Tip made of heat-insulating material that protects your fingers while you style.

Safety Stand

  • Built-in safety stand to protect the surface.

Fast Heat up

  • With PTC heater hair curler heats up in 60 seconds.

High Performance

  • Top temperature of 190° C gives optimal results and gives you much desired elegant look.

LED Indicator

  • The LED display will illuminate red light once it is turned on.

360° Tangle Free Swivel Cord

  • Hair Curler comes with a handy swivel cord that rotates to prevent twisting and tangling of wire while using.

3. Philips BHB862

Bouncy , full of volume , curly , shiny hair all of these things sounds so good , now imagine you have all of them , well isn’t it like a dream come true because getting all of these together how can one even believe it , but it is indeed true and you can get shiny hair with a lot of volume bouncing by using Philips BHB862 and don’t just believe what I say , try it on your own .

This hair curler gives you vivid bouncy curls as the barrel is pretty good in size as well as the ceramic coating adds shine and gloss to your hair .

best hair dryer in india
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Vivid, Bouncy Curls

  • With the barrel diameter of 16 mm barrel you can create bouncy, full of life curls and ringlets for joyful and young look.

Ready to Use Indicator

  • The LED light stops blinking when the curler has heated up and is ready to use.

1.8 m Cord

  • Convenient to use thanks to the 1.8m power cord length.

Gentle on your Hair

  • Protective ceramic coating ensures even heat distribution and less hair damage for shiny and soft hair.

Cool Tip

  • The tip of the styler is made from a special heat insulating material to keep it cool; you can safely hold it while you’re styling for optimal ease of use.

Swivel Cord

  • Useful swivel cord technology rotates the cord to prevent tangled wires.

200°C High Heat Temperature

  • 200°C high heat temperature guarantees optimal results, while minimizing hair damage.

Fast Heat Up Time

  • This styler has a fast heat up time, being ready to use in 60 seconds.

2 years guarantee

  • Philips offers a full 2 years warranty for this product to ensure you have long lifetime product to use every day.

4. Remington CI95

mixture of traditional and new never disappoints you , so here is a hair curler to enhance your shiny and bouncy curls named Remington CI95 pearl curling wand combines advanced technology and traditional ceramic coating with real pearl to create a curling wand that delivers professional , salon-perfect results , it’s fast working reaches a top heat 210 degrees Celsius and has a high tech barrel with ceramic coating to help you effortlessly achieve super sleek , high definition curls without snagging or catching .

best hair dryer in india
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  •  Barrel advance tech + traditional ~ Luxury pearl ceramic coating with real pearl shimmer
  • high speed ~ Ready to use in 30 seconds, comes with heat-proof pouch
  • safety ~ Conical barrel shape for loose curls and cool tip for easy styling
  • power usage ~ Input voltage range of 120-240 volts
  • colour ~ black
  • shipping weight ~ 450 grams
  • Guarantee  ~ Auto shut off after 60 minutes, 3 year guarantee.

5. Ikonic CT 25mm

best hair dryer for thin hair
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This hair curler ensures your safety as well as the healthy growth of your hair , it has those safety features which stops you to minimise the damage to your hair by the heat used to curl your hair , along with that makes your hair shiny and glamourised look , it has the non slip comfortable rubber handle to make sure that you don’t burn yourself while making your hair bouncy and curly .the barrel here in this Ikonic hair curler CT is very long , so that even if you take big sections of your hair curl all together it does it’s work efficiently.

Feature – 

Integrated Safety Stand

  • The safety stand prevents high temperature barrel from touching the surface directly and damaging it.
  • This feature improves the safety factor.

Auto shut off Function

  • The curling tong automatically shut off after 60 minutes without use. With this the temperature remains controlled while styling for long hours

3 Meter lengthened cord

  • Style your way with the comfortable long lengthened cord. No worries on limited distance and tangling in wires. For free flow, no disturbance styling experience in any Salon space.

Tourmaline Ceramic Barrel with Cool Tip

  • The ceramic tourmaline coating makes the hair curler barrel deliver smoother, harder and long lasting curls. It also provides heat evenly for very little hair damage. The Cool tip allows you to closely wrap the curls lengthwise.

6. Vega ease curl

Vega it is and just another hair curler from it , as told earlier it never lets its reputation down  And gives you The result you want from it , Get playful with fun curls with Vega Ease Curl Hair Curler. Easy and hassle free to use, the curler has chrome plates with ceramic coating and 25mm barrel diameter. You can create free flowing curls by just wrapping your hair around the barrel and tightly holding it with the clamp. It also has 360° swivel cord that rotates conveniently and prevents unnecessary tangles.

Vega best hair dryer for women in india
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Barrel – Diameter – 25MM, Length -125MM

  • The hair curler comes with a barrel diameter – 25mm and barrel length – 125mm

Chrome Plates With Ceramic Coating

  • Easy and hassle free to use, the curler has chrome plates with ceramic coating.


  • The hair curler comes with a clamp to hold the hair during usage for easy curling

MAX Temp 200°C

  • The hair curler heats up-to 200°C, this is the optimum styling temperature for most hair types.

Safety Stand

  • The hair curler comes with a safety stand to place the curler after use.

Cool Tip

  • The hair curler comes with a cool tip which helps you to hold the curler when curling your hair.

Indicator Light

  • Power Indicator Light will illuminate when the curler is switched on.

Unit Consumption

  • 220-240V, 35W, 50/60Hz

Now that we have gone through the best hair curlers in India you can also check  Best Hair Straighteners in India | Review Guide 2021 & Best Hair Dryer in India | Updated Review [2021]

The confusion , the foggy clouds which were making it difficult for you to choose which hair curler will be the best for you and your hair type is pretty much clear now for you to make a decision, here is another brief guide for you about types of hair curls ~

  • WAVES – This hair type falls between straight hair and curly hair. It includes slightly wavy curls to very wavy curls. Women whose hair falls into this category may think their hair is straight, but with the right technique they can achieve an “S Curl.” Wavy hair can be fine in texture and low frizz. It benefits from using a diffuser to achieve extra volume and enhance waves.
  • S-CURL – If you pull a strand of hair with this pattern you will see an S shape.  This hair type has medium texture and a slight tendency towards frizziness, especially in humid weather. It has a lot of body and can be somewhat dry. If S-Curls are dried using diffusers, they can achieve a Ringlet Curl. If being air dried we recommend applying straightener at the root, especially when hair is very long.
  • RINGLET CURL – This hair type has corkscrew or bouncy ringlets of curls measuring the circumference of a sharpie marker. The curl starts directly from the root and has a medium to coarse texture. Similar to an S-Curl, this curl pattern can be frizzy in humid weather and is often densely packed, resulting in a lot of body. Ringlet curls have a slight spring back effect when cut and do not need the diffuser to dry unless you want a tighter Spiral Curl.
  • SPIRAL CURL – Similar to ringlet curls, spiral curls have a corkscrew pattern. However, they are slightly tighter in that their circumference measures that of a pencil. The curls start directly at the root, are prone to frizz and are densely packed. Spiral curls tend to grow out before they curls start to grow down and have a significant spring back effect when cut.

Curly hair  Or straight hair , long or short , every hair type is beautiful. They are truly the best blessing to our beauty but also be a pain sometimes , whatever your hair be we will keep on providing reviews and buying guide to you to enhance their beauty and style , girls or guys with curly hair makes their personality bubbly , jolly and full of volume , your hair speaks a lot about you as a person and also your style , so get those curls , pull that look leith elegance and simplicity with these products listed above just for you , feel free to drop suggestions if we missed something because as they say the more the merrier.



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