Steam Inhalation; Benefits, Procedure, Types

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Are of sick of going to bed with a blocked nose? Going home, weary and longing for a good night sleep and you can’t even breathe properly while going to sleep. If this is something that you’re irked with everyday, then try to incorporate Steam Inhalation in your daily routine. Today bestbudgetreview brings you this article extrapolating the Benefits Of Steam Inhalation.

In the wake of this pandemic it has become extremely important to practice as much caution as you possibly ca. So it would be better if you got yourself a good quality inhaler for you and your family.  If you’re looking for steam Inhalers check out this review; Best steam Inhalers In India.

A blocked nose can be such a hassle if not treated properly. Steam Inhalation is a long term solution to this problem without any side-effects, in fact it has many other benefits apart from receiving a blocked nose.

What Is Steam Inhalation?

The idea of steam Inhalation isn’t new. It is widely used as a home remedy to soothe blocked noses and open nasal passages, to get relief.

It is also known as the steam therapy. The therapy includes inhalation of water vapor. The hot moist vapor helps in relieving mucus in the nasal passages, throat and lungs.

However, it isn’t a diagnosis; it won’t cure an infection. Steam therapy is only used to relieve the symptoms of cold and flu but not the illness itself. It helps in relieving the irritation, swollen blood vessels. The water will also thin the mucus which will help in emptying it easily. This can temporarily help in relieving your breathing.

It can help us provide Temporary relief from the symptoms of:

  • Common Cold
  • Flu
  • Sinus Infection
  • Bronchitis
  • Allergies
  • It alleviates the following ailments:
  • Headache
  • Congested stuffy nose
  • Throat irritation
  • Breathing problems
  • Dry or Irritated Nasal passages
  • Cough

Why you Should use steam Therapy?

Although there are many ways to alleviate the symptoms of cold and cough, Steam Inhalation is able to stack up against modern science. In the prehistoric era, this is what people used to get rid of excess mucus. Most of the trials conducted in the clinics reveals the effectiveness of the therapy. Here are some really strong points in favour of using Steam Inhalation.

Natural And Safe to use

  • The most obvious Benefit of Steam Inhalation is that it’s 100% safe and natural. You’re only inhaling water vapors, so it won’t lead to any problems. Although whenever you’re using hot water try and do it with caution. Besides that it is just vapor, so it won’t harm your organs.
  • There are many ways you can do steam Inhalation, using hot towel, steamy shower or a steam inhalator.
  • Traditional methods like Hot kettle, towels are safe for adults however for babies it is better to use a vaporizer.


  • If you’re using one of the traditional methods for steam Inhalation, then you’re not spending a cent. Towel, kettle, water is something that’s easily accessible. However when you’re looking at steam Inhalers they are also extremely cheap.
  • You can easily find a good and durable steam Inhalers in an affordable price range like 100-300 INR.

Easy to Use

  • One of the practical benefit of a steam inhaler is that it is very easy to use.
  • Why?- Because there is not much do be done! Getting water from the tap, filling it in a kettle, switching on the steam inhalator, isn’t a Herculean task, you can do it right the first time!
  • These are some simple steps you have to follow:
  1. Fill the steamer’s pot with water. Make sure you don’t over fill it
  2. Close the lid
  3. Plug the cord, and turn it on.
  4. Wait for the steam to come out


  • During the Covid-19 pandemic people have become extremely cautious of their health.
  • The virus poses many potential threats and therefore we all should be one step ahead.
  • The Italian researchers have published a study on the efficacy of steam Inhalers as a possible way to mitigate the SARS-CoV-2 infection.
  • It was discovered that the steam Inhalation cycles are effective in preventing conception of Covid-19. The team writes that steam Inhalation is an easily available, non invasive and inexpensive procedure.
  • Check out this article for more info; Thermal inactivation of SARS COVID-2 virus: Are steam inhalations a potential treatment?

Respiratory Benefits of Steam Inhalation

Moisturizes dry irritated nasal passages

Alleviates the soreness of the throat, and inflammation of the throat. It is one of the most common symptoms of cold, flu etc. Irritation at the back of your throat can get very painful it not treated. Whenever you swallow, it might get really painful and uncomfortable. So when you inhale steam it soothes and relaxes your throat making it easier for you to carry out your day to day functions.

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Thins the mucus

It helps in liquefying the mucus. This clears the mucus through coughing and sneezing, blowing your noses.

Reduces Cough reflexes

Stream helps in relaxing the throat muscles and therefore reduces Cough reflexes. So your throat will be relieved from the strain due to the excessive coughing.

Improves Blood Circulation

It dilutes the blood vessels, resulting in better blood flow and circulation.

Types of steam inhalation


This Involves using home remedies for the treatment of the blocked nasal passages. It involves boiling a few cups of water and pouring it in a container. You’re required to put a towel over your head including the container so that the steam doesn’t escape. leaning with your face 15 to 20 centimeters from the steam and inhale.

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This method is relatively simple. Turn on a hot shower. While standing there inhale the steam.

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Steam inhalers

They are portable and Easy to carry. It is your personal steamer,  that you can use at your homes officers, while travelling.

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Health Benefits Of Steam Inhalation

Improve Circulation

The heat improves your circulation, resulting in lower blood pressure. A study showed the steam helped older individuals to improve their circulation resulting in a healthier heart.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Steam also helps in releasing certain hormones that regulate people’s heart rates. One of these hormones is called aldosterone. This hormone regulates your blood pressure and helps in lowering high blood pressure. That’s probably why you feel relaxed after sitting in a steam room. This becomes one of the most important benefits of steam inhalers.

Reduces stress

Steam also helps in decreasing your body is production of the hormone, cortisol. It is known as the stress hormone. You feel less stressed whenever your cortisol level drops. This makes you feel more relaxed and at ease, improving your overall psychological well being.

Improves Immune system

Steam therapy stimulate the production of leukocytes, which fight the disease causing germs. So exposing yourself to therapy might help in boosting your immunity. So what are you waiting for ?  Check out this review; Best steam Inhalers In India 2021

Skin/ Beauty Benefits of Steam Inhalation

Promotes skin Health

Steam Inhalation can promote skin health. Our skin is exposed to various toxins while we are outside. Steam can help in removing these toxins from your skin and help in opening its pores. This may result in less acne and more even toned skin.

Glowing skin

As I mentioned earlier, steam inhalation helps in improving the circulation throughout the body which gives the skin a healthy glow. It makes your skin look and feel great!. It also improves the texture of the skin.

Interesting Fact!

In the Egyptian Steam rooms were also built in Egypt, for many purposes. Studies have discovered the evidence of steam rooms and aromatic herbs that were used to treat several ailments. It was also mentioned in an ancient Egyptian papyri where steam baths were listed as the ‘Best way to rejuvenate’, improve health and get rid of ‘signs of old age’.

This goes onto show that steam inhalation was tried and tested in even ancient ties, when there were no modern medicines available.


That’s all folks, I hope you found this article useful. Although the benefits of steam inhalation are plenty and very diverse, I tried my best to encompass all the important points here. Hope you and your family are safe during these awful times. Hope you got all the information regarding the benefits of steam inhalation,  you needed and now it’s up to you to take a decision to.

I wish you all the best for the future, have a safe Anna happy window!