Best home gym equipment in India [2021] Review Guide


Best home gym equipment in India

In today’s scenario fitness , health and your immunity system is a very important aspect of life. Now that the gyms are closed, jogger’s parks are not safe. You are jut not comfortable to exercise when other people are around . We one solution to all your problems – home gym . Make your own gym at home with best home gym equipment’s in India. The products Which will be listed down are either the best sellers in their category or are Amazon’s choice products .

this solves all your problems now even if gyms are close you can workout at home , you are safe as well as comfortable. Workout regularly using home gym equipment . Make it easy by some home gym ideas.

Best Home Gym Machine

 1. Reach air bike exercise cycle

Best home gym machine

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  • Tension knob
  • perfect stance
  • cushioned seat
  • dual workout option
  • pedal with strap

2. Welcare WC6044 elliptical cross trainer

Best home gym machine

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  • LCD display
  • pulse pad
  • dual grip monitor
  • tension control
  • transportation wheels

3 . Electrobot sport adjustable step platform

home gym equipment in India

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  • Shock absorption
  • sturdy
  • robust
  • adjustable height
  • no slip surface

4 . Life long fit pro LLTM09 motorised treadmill

home gym equipment in India

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  • Wide running surface
  • 12 preset workout
  • speaker with aux and USB input
  • 2.5 HP powerful treadmill
  • 90 degree foldable design

5. Protoner PR3IN1 blend 3 in 1 weight bench

Protoner PR3IN1 Blend 3-in-1 Weight Bench

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  • Padded cushioned
  • easy installation
  • 250 kg Weight capacity
  • anti skid feet
  • multiple usage

6. Cockatoo professional gym training (10 – 200 kg) home gym set metal and rubber plates

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  • foam griper
  • varied weight plates
  • plain and curb rod
  • dumbbell rod
  • PVC skipping trainer

1. Reach air bike exercise cycle 

This versatile REACH Air Bike allows you to have an elliptical and upper body workout in one machine. The bike’s ergonomic design engages your arms and upper body for a true full-body workout by targeting cardio and strength training. This Exercise Cycle Bike combines belt resistance technology with unmatched durability and performance, allowing you to reach your full potential in the comfort of your own home. Built to deliver a low impact, yet challenging, total body cardio workout. This is one of the best exercise cycle .

air bike home gym equipment in India
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Features – 

  • Challenge your strength

An adjustable tension knob allows for variable resistance levels to accommodate any workout level, from beginner to advanced intensities.
  • Perfect stance

The Pedal cranks are positioned close together to offer a more realistic cycling experience. Pedal with Strap provide extra stability during high intensity workout.
  • Cushioned adjustable seat positioning

Reach Fitness bike features an adjustable seat that accommodates various heights and provide proper body posture during exercise, making it more conducive to attaining your workout goals in a more comfortable and safe stationary bike.
  • Dual workout option

Dual workout option provides an option to use bike stationary handles for lower body workout or it can used with moving handles for complete body workout
  • Pedal with straps

Users will find it extremely easy to slide their feet into the wide pedals and quickly secure them with simple, adjustable straps.
  • Lcd digital monitor

Easily monitor fitness at your fingertips, with stats illuminated on a LCD display screen. Elapsed speed, time, distance and calories burned are rotated on the battery-operated display screen

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2. Welcare WC6044 elliptical cross trainer

You want something fun , something rough to do your workouts session.This is product for you . From intense workout routine to a day active routine this cross trainer can help you and make it easy for you to execute both.  With the WELCARE elliptical machine, you can train your upper and lower body simultaneously. This is great for strengthening different muscle groups and executing comprehensive workouts at home. At welfare their  mantra is “Welcare – We care”. Cross trainers have been the most efficient products and with a brand like this it is more than efficient.

home gym equipment in India
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Features – 

  • Display Type

LCD, Display Readings : Keep an eye on your speed, time, distance, scan, pulse and calories with this large LCD window monitor .

  • Pulse Pad :

Maximize your workout with the ultimate tool: heart rate training

  • dual-grip monitor : 

A built-in, dual-grip monitor keeps you in your target zone for goal-specific workouts.

  • Stride Length :

14 Inches. Bigger stride length give your smooth workout feel and reduces your impact on your knees. .

  • Fly Wheel Weight :

5 kgs Fly wheel, increase the momentum of your speed and make your workout effortless.

  • Tension Control :

Level 8 Level Manual Magnetic Resistance Control. Seat Adjustable : Yes,Its can be Adjust Your comfort Work out. Hand Holding Handle Smooth handles give you a excellent workout experience, Your whole body gets Ripped.

  • transport wheels :

Conveniently placed transport wheels make it easy to move and store the Elliptical Trainer between workouts.

  • Wide pedal  : 

Train safely with two oversized pedals designed to secure and accommodate feet of all sizes.

3 . Electrobot sport adjustable step platform

Aerobic exercise is sometimes known as cardio exercise.  that require pumping of oxygenated blood by the heart to deliver oxygen to working muscles. It can become anaerobic exercise if performed at a level of intensity that is too high. This exercise not only improves fitness. it also has known benefits for both emotional and physical health. Strengthen your lower body. The secure, non-skid surface can ensure your sporting activity safely.  it gives you a firm footing and works your way up as your endurance and abilities improve. The aerobic step can be used to shape your hamstrings with alternating lunges and strengthen your chest and back muscle by doing pushups.
ElectroBot Sport Adjustable Exercise Equipment Step Platform
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Features – 

  • Shock absorption :

This product gives the premium quality shock absorption, if a product like step platform has poor shock absorption it may cause damage to your knees or other joints of your body .

  • sturdy : 

one aspect of a step platform which should not be compromised while buying one is the sturdiness of it . It is very much sturdy and without any problem you can perform even intense workout using this equipment.

  • robust : 

a step platform has to be robust , because when you do your workout the pressure and the tension built is very high it is very intense . While doing the workout it should not crack or break .

  • adjustable height : 

as mentioned above height is a very crucial thing to be considered while using this equipment . This product gives you option to adjust the height as preferred and necessary for your convenience.

  • no slip surface :

The secure, non-skid surface can ensure your sporting activity safely.  it gives you a firm footing and works your way up as your endurance and abilities improve.

4 . Life long fit pro LLTM09 motorised treadmill

This is our 4th  listed product , trust us you will fall in love with working out and running . It provides and gives the best result. Life long fit pro LLTM09 motorised treadmill.

No time for gymnasium? With this high-quality, foldable and easily operated treadmill, your home is your gymnasium. This folding treadmill offers the perfect space saving solution for your home gym and is ideal for everyday running. This space saving folding treadmill does not sacrifice size with quality and will keep your treadmill workouts challenging and effective. Keep running and burn calories to keep fit and enjoy a healthy life. Now stop daydreaming and experience the future of training today with life long fit pro LLTM09 motorised treadmill.
Motorized Treadmill for Home
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Features – 

  • Speakers, 12 Preset Workouts with Max speed of 10km/hr: 

Comes with speakers with AUX and USB input,12 preset workout programs to set variable exercise mode for weight loss and endurance training. Maximum speed of 10km/hr for extensive workouts at home.

  • Running surface : 

Wide Running Surface, 8 Rubber Pads for Shock Absorption and Max User Weight 90kg , Running Surface dimensions (L × W): 1100 × 395 mm. Overall Dimensions: 1330 × 615 × 1025 mm.. Comes with 8 rubber pads under deck for shock absorption and Maximum user weight of 90 kg.

  • 90 Degree Foldable Design for easy Mobility: 

Wheels for easy transportation, 90 degree foldable design and powerful noiseless motor .

  • 2.5HP Powerful Treadmill : 

This Motorized Treadmill has peak motor Power of 2.5 HP, which can accommodate any user, from beginners to pros, from walkers to runners.

  • Free Installation Assistance: 

Lifelong gives free installation assistance through video across 500 cities and 15000 pin codes . Treadmill can also be self-installed as well, video available in the image tab.

5 . Protoner PR3IN1 blend 3 in 1 weight bench

Get a toned body that you have always desired with this gym essentials and accessories from Protoner. With the variety the brand provides, you can choose the appropriate equipment for any of your favourite exercises. With the Protoner gym essentials, you can get a professional exercise session at home. Gym lovers can be easily impressed with this 3-in-1 Weight Bench, presented to you by Protoner. This will be an ideal companion for an enhanced strength-training workout. By laying out the foundation of your weight training, this will allow you to work out almost every muscle of your body. Its ergonomic design makes it a suitable option for both commercial gyms and for exercising at home.
Protoner PR3IN1 Blend 3-in-1 Weight Bench
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Features – 

  • Padded cushioning for comfort : 

This weight bench from Protoner comes with a padded cushioning that aims to provide a comfortable touch while working out. It also enables to give a better support to the user.

  • 2-step easy installation : 

It comes with a guide that will help you to install it on your own. The 2-step easy installation makes it a preferable option for beginners who want to work out in the comfort of their homes.

  • Can be used for incline, decline, flat bench press : 

The 3-in-1 Weight Bench from Protoner can be used as both an incline and a decline press while also being used a flat bench press. The incline trains your upper pecs, and the decline trains the central and lower pecs.

  • 250kg weight capacity : 

With a 250 kg weight capacity, this weight bench is ideal for both beginners and professionals. It will be effective in achieving that toned athletic body that you have always dreamt of.

  • Anti-skid feet : 

The anti-skid feet of the 3-in-1 weight bench will come in handy by offering a firm grip. It will thus help to provide slip resistance during an intense workout session.

6. Cockatoo professional gym training (10 – 200 kg) home gym set metal and rubber plates

Home gym set by cockatoo , this brand has never failed to provide the best utility possible. In a earlier post about best treadmill in India for home use , this brand’s treadmill has made its place in that list too. It is well renowned for its products in fitness categories.Set up your own gym at home with a number of weight training tools available at a combo offer from Cockatoo. The Cockatoo professional gym training home gym set brings together a varied range of differently-sized weight training tools that help you build your body without hitting the gym. Invest in the combo training set from Cockatoo and start your weight lifting programme while staying in the comfort of your home.

home gym equipment in India
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Features – 

  • Foam grippers: 

While foam hand grippers are usually overlooked in terms of importance, this set does not give them a miss. These grippers help the user in enhancing the strength of their grip, while the foam cushioning is very comfortable.

  • Varied weight-plates : 

The Cockatoo professional gym training home gym set offers rubber weight plates available in different sizes and numbers. Hence you can select your ideal choice according to your necessity. The plates are ideally made for standard weight training sessions at the comfort of your home or at the gym.

  • Plain and curl rods : 

Both the curl and plain straight bars are available in this combo, necessary for different kinds of lifting. This helps you to gradually advance to more intensive weight training sessions. Don’t miss training overhand, underhand or reverse grips that can be done with the help of these two rods.

  • PVC skipping rope : 

One of the best exercises for endurance training is skipping as it burns calories and increases body balance and co-ordination. The skipping equipment is also provided in this combo package. The skipping rope comes in PVC material which is heat resistant and brings extra speed.

  • Gel-technology gloves : 

The pair of gym gloves offered in this combo set from Cockatoo comes with modern gel technology which provides protection to the trainee’s wrists from strain and offers to cushion the palms. It also helps in keeping the hands cool.

  • Dumbbell rods : 

This combo package also includes a pair of 14-inch regular dumbbell rods, which can be adjusted with weights as per the user’s necessities. The dumbbell bars also make for a convenient workout courtesy of the grip they provide in the middle.

Here is your complete home gym set , which includes all the best home gym equipment’s in India. With detailed review and rating of the customers all of them are the best products from their respective categories.  Choose  your equipment’s considering your requirements, workout routines and space you have available for your gym at home.  Share your experience with us if you have any with the products listed above , or free feel to suggest and add more to this list .


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