Best Diaries To Gift In India | Review Guide

Best Diaries To Gift In India

Is there a birthday party approaching and you have absolutely no idea what to gift the person? Do you wanna give them a present which actually means something? Or do you want to bore them with superficial and worthless junk which they’ll probably never use? Still have no idea what to get them? Then you my friend, at the right place! We will be listing down the best Diaries to gift your in India, for your close ones.

From pretty and deity to modern and vintage we have it all! All styles have been given consideration. Today’s picks for the best diary gifts in India are for you. Trust me when I say this.

The diary you pick everlasting yet functional, making it the most obvious choice for a present.
Do not listen to anyone who says gift is boring and do what your heart says! I am sure your friend will like it and will appreciate the thought and effort that you put into it. For more gift ideas Check out bestbudgetreview for more gift ideas like Diwali presents, and many more coming your way!

Perks Of Gifting a Diary

Easy Availability

It is one of those things that you can find anywhere! You don’t have to put a lot of effort to find the right pick. Don’t skim through several websites because we have made your job easier and provided you with the links. All you have to do is click on it and you have your pick!


Another advantage is that you will find a pool of choices to pick from. This makes sure that you are not settling for a product and that you genuinely want it. From Modern and Vintage to pretty and deity you can find it all! if you know your friend’s preferences then your job is even easier!


A Diary can serve many functions. From note making to jotting down your personal experiences, a diary will always be your best friend. You can also simultaneously use it for organizing your schedule and planning events. you can also use it to your ideas poems story ideas so that you can approach them in the future.


As I said before, a diary isn’t superficial or pricey. It is a sentimental and utilitarian product which helps you to express yourself better.
You get value for money without spending a fortune.


Today our world is blinded by technology. People spend most of their time staring blindly on their computer and mobile screens. A diary gives you a break from this Madness. It helps you explore your mind, and gives you personal space. It also enhances your creativity and helps you to unravel your potential.

Emotional Unburdening

A diary enables you to open up about your person experiences like never before. It makes you self aware about your problems and confront your reality to can make it better.

Ensures Privacy

There are many Diaries with a lock available in the market. These Diaries ensure that your privacy is not tampered with. this enables you to be straight forward and honest in your diary entries.

I do not think that you need any more convincing. you by now today should have decided dad a diary is the best gift. I think now is the right time to give you the list of the best Diaries to gift in India. All of the following will be available on Amazon at affordable prices. So happy Browsing!

Top 5 Best Diaries To Gift In India

Rose-Coloured, Multi Purpose Diary

Best Diaries To Gift In India

Check price at Amazon

  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Multi Purpose
  • Good Quality Pages.
  • Easy to Carry.
  • Affordable

Prastara Leather Diary Journal

Check price at Amazon

  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • With a Lock
  • Handmade Paper Quality
  • Beautiful Vintage Look
  • Handy And Compact.

Prasatara Leather Diary, Ganesha- Engraved.

Best leather Diaries To Gift In India

Check price at Amazon

  • Ganesha is Engraved
  • Ideal for Holy And Spiritual People
  • Handmade Paper
  • Vintage feel
  • Multi-Purpose

Diary/Memo with Sticky Notes

Best memo Diaries To Gift In India

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  • Great for Organizing
  • Multi Purpose
  • Notepad
  • Sticky Notes For Remainders
  • Clip Holder.
  • Ideal as a gift for student

Diary With Customized Photograph

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  • Cover Photo of your Choice
  • High Resolution Photos
  • Good quality paper
  • Ideal as a Wedding, Birthday, Gift


Rose Coloured, Multi Purpose Diary

Is your friend somebody who loves of neutral colors and pretty and deity things?

If yes, then this diary is for her. It has a beautiful rose coloured theme coupled with good quality pages. this makes a aesthetically pleasing yet functional. This makes it a suitable choice for a present. However this multipurpose present will fit right into your budget. so you don’t have to worry about spending money to entertain your friend. Best Diaries To Gift In India


Beautiful rose colour theme which makes it very aesthetically pleasing to the eye.It has a minimalistic feel which makes it extremely likeable

  • 100 GSM Paper Quality-Premium quality paper which allows the person to write swiftly. it feels great to touch and hold.
  • Can be used to jot down notes, Doodle, note down your ideas and share your personal experiences and thoughts.
  • It is great for emotional unburdening. dimensions: 21 CmX14 cm
  • Soft rounded corners
  • Dot grid pages
  • Total pages – 160

Prasthera Leather Diary Journal

Is your friend somebody who has special appreciation for vintage items? Do they enjoy intricate cut work and period styled themes? If yes, then Prasthera leather diary journal is for you! It’s beautiful vintage cut work with designed handmade pages suitable for any period style geek! It is affordable despite the work that has been done on it. it also has a lock which ensures privacy. This makes it one of the best diaries to gift in India Best Diaries To Gift In India


Lock and key handle ensures privacy. The person can share their personal feelings and information without being hesitant.

  • Multi purpose, it can be used in both work and home settings. You can Doodle, write notes, note down personal and professional information, without any hesitation.
  • Handcrafted with the best quality of leather. Highly durable and efficient because of its premium quality
    Handmade pages Which makes it environment friendly.
  • Stunning Ocean blue colour makes it even better.
  • Dimensions: Height – 5 Inches X Length – 7 Inches

Prasthara Ganesha-Engraved Leather Diary

Do you have a friend or grandparent or parent who is a devotee of Lord Ganesh? Prasthara Leather Diary Brings you the best diary holy and spiritual devotees. Is made with the finest quality of leather and beautiful engravings of Lord Ganesha.Best Diaries To Gift In India


  • Classic vintage finish, appealing to the eye
  • Ideal for devout followers of Lord Ganesha
  • Premium paper quality, so that the ink of the pen doesn’t smudge.
  • Eco friendly, made with Khadi paper which was handmade from scratch
  • Lock handle makes it difficult to temper with gives you a sense of security.
  • Versatile, sketching, sticking pictures, organising events maintaining your schedule.
  • 125 GSM paper premium quality.
  • Dimensions- 5 X 3.5 inches
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Non ruled pages

Diary/Memo With Sticky Notes

Do you understand the pressure of college? The need to constantly write down notes, submit assignments and plan your schedule? Or a busy Office going employee with the same problem above as well.
The need for organizing and planning universal. And therefore you need an appropriate planner you can rely on. It is important to carry this planner everywhere with you. Keep Adding new information keep getting rid of the old ones.
Desperate for organizing your events, Future Plans, well this diary is the best for you! Best Diaries To Gift In India


  •  Notepad which can be used to note down information, personal thoughts, draw pictures, etc
  • Sticky notes – it has three kinds of sticky notes varying from larger to smaller sizes. The thinner strips sticky notes can be used for labelling. largest sticky notes can be used for memos, immediate reminders, urgent meeting
  • Pack of loose sheets held Together by the clipboard. Clipboard can be used to attach several sheets.
  • Durable material which makes it long lasting and easy to use.
  • You also get a free pen
  • Dimensions – 7.5 Inches X 4.5 Inches total.
  • Number of sheets – 50

It is an essential stationary which is easy to carry around everywhere.

Diary With Customized Photos

Do you wish to celebrate your friendship relationship with your friend / partner because of an upcoming birthday or anniversary? Then try and get innovative with it. Are you still confused what present to surprise them with?
If Yes, then try out this diary which gives you the cover photo of your choice. You can custom-built the cover photo by choosing an picture you like!
So you, the consumer have the right to decide the theme of your diary! Best Diaries To Gift In India


  • Cover photo of your choice. Feel free to insert your friends / partners photos to celebrate your companionship.
    Its charm and appeal work on everyone including your -family, friends, partner etc!
  • Records your past precious memories so that you can cherish them for the rest of your life.
  • Cardboard writing journal that enables you to record your life events. Makes your writing experience more inspiring and fun.
  • Time management and productivity can also be taken care of. Perfect planner for everyone!
  • Keeps you on track with your monthly,, weekly, daily goals. Keeps you motivated.
  • Cardboard cover, rounded edges, elastic closure ensure good quality.
    Dimensions – 6 X 8 inches
  • Total number of pages- 120
  • Good quality of paper, acid free pages


That’s all for now folks, I hope this review helped you in ways that you expected. I hope your friends appreciate the time and effort that you put for them. These were my top picks of diaries to gift your friends in India
To summarise it all, I would say that Diaries is a man’s / women’s / girls / boy’s best friend. You can open up without fearing judgement unlike people.
It makes you more aware about yourself your needs; It motivates you to attend to your goals, without looking back so that you can become more actualised.
All in all it makes you more efficient, confident, mentally healthy and a better person. Make sure to have fun while writing it, and let your imagination Run wild!

Have A good day!


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